Gratitude & Appreciation Exercises

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  • Gratitude & Appreciation Exercises

Individual Gratitude Exercises $20
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Daily Gratitude Check-In: develop a daily gratitude practice to become more grateful generally.

Gratitude in Romantic Relationships: revive and enhance feelings of fondness and admiration in romantic relationships through daily expressions of gratitude.

Three Good Things: boost your well-being by practicing small acts of gratitude at the end of the day.

​Increasing Awareness of Complaining: become aware of complaining to reduce the negative effects on yourself others and your environment.

Gratitude Resentment and Appreciation Test: Use the GRAT to measure your dispositional gratitude.

​Gratitude for Important People: Help increase gratitude by counterbalancing the ”taking-things-for-granted effect” to which we are often prone.

Moving from Rational Gratitude to Experiential Gratitude Meditation (+Audio): cultivate the full essence of gratitude by connecting to a tangible and recent moment of goodness to it's source.

Naikan Reflection: develop a greater sense of gratitude and foster a natural desire to give and serve others.

Gratitude Meditation: increase gratitude through meditation.

Little Gratitude Habits: an overview of gratitude practices that can be used in addition to or as an alternative to the scientifically tested interventions.

Gratitude Letter: increase your gratitude and sense of well-being by writing a gratitude letter.

Gratitude for Important People: increase awareness of the importance of and gratitude towards other people.

Resolving Jealousy Using the Camera-Lens Metaphor: An analysis of your thinking and convert cognitions that are giving rise to feelings of jealousy and envy to cognitions that support gratefulness.

Cultivating Gratitude Through Counterfactual Thinking: build connections with other as well as engage in personal reflection.

Silent Gratitude Mapping: increase your awareness of the progress made in achieving goals and past achievements.

Gratitude by Mental Elimination: increase gratitude by counterbalancing the ”taking-things-for-granted effect” to which we are often prone.

​Gratitude Journal: increase gratitude by keeping a journal of reciprocity.